Eight Benefits to Apartment Living at West Water Apartments

Have you been going back and forth with yourself trying to decide whether to buy a home or rent an apartment? Still weighing the pros and cons? Let West Water Apartments in Elmira, NY make that decision easy for you! Here are 9 reasons why you should live in an apartment:


    The financial aspect of renting is the main reason people live in apartments today. Generally speaking, your monthly rent will be cheaper than a mortgage and utilities and other financial components will be lower due to a more cozy space. Our apartments in Elmira, NY are affordable and will be sure to exceed your expectations.


    Maintenance expenses are typically lower in apartments because some of the responsibility will fall onto your landlord or the owner of the home or building. Just got hit with a snow storm and won’t make it to work in time without a clear path? A light went out in your bathroom? Grass needs cutting? No need to worry about any of this, we got that all covered for you. We provide peace of mind making the thought of renting apartments in Elmira, NY a no brainer.


    The amenities that come with our apartments in Elmira, NY are everything you have been looking for! Not only are they newly built, but our apartments come equipped with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, soft close cabinets, in-unit washer and dryer, air conditioning, and so much more. You can’t beat that! Living in our apartments in Elmira, NY can prove to be a very convenient living arrangement.

  4. SIZE

    Our apartment proportions are more convenient. Are you a newly graduated college student looking for a place to call home, but can’t yet afford a large home on your own? Looking to live with a friend short-term until you are both ready to buy your own homes? Simply don’t want the financial burden of a home? Our apartments in Elmira, NY are perfect for you, ranging from 604 to 1,183 square feet. We have one and two bedroom apartments available.


    Simple as that. If when your lease is up you are ready to move, that option is available to you.


    There are many social aspects of the close proximity and connections you may develop while living in an apartment. A sense of community can exist when you own a home, but the close proximity of apartment living enhances your chance of creating connections.


    If you have a plan to save up for one more year to buy a home, then apartment living is perfect for you. Deciding to buy a home is life changing, so this will prepare you for that and ensure that you are ready financially.


    The lack of need to maintain a property and saving money by renting is enough to make anyone want to live in our apartments in Elmira, NY. Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility and headaches. Don’t be forced to use your piggy bank money on a new hot water tank. Save it for a nice vacation!

    What more is there to think about? Contact us today to rent from West Water Apartments in Elmira, NY!

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