What to Expect When Downsizing in Elmira, NY

Less Space:

The biggest change you will encounter when moving from a house to an apartment is less space. Less space means less room for belongings. When downsizing, measure if your furniture will fit in your new space. Figure what furniture will fit, and get rid of unneeded furniture. Having less space is also the perfect time to clean out any clutter in your home. Find the perfect size apartment for you in Elmira, NY.

Shared Green Space:

Your days of mowing the lawn and gardening are over. Moving into an apartment provides a shared yard for their residents, featuring fireplaces, grills, and other amenities. Not having a yard may seem like an adjustment at first, however it offers you a great opportunity to bond with neighbors, and meet new people.Also it gives your pet a great way to play with other pets! West Water Apartments in Elmira, NY offers a beautiful landscaped green space for all residents to enjoy.

Less Storage:

When moving into a smaller space, storage becomes an issue. Before moving, make sure to go through closets, drawers, and cupboards, and only take things you truly need with you. This is a great way to donate unwanted clothes and kitchen items! Another option is renting a storage unit near your apartment, which can provide a space for things you want to keep, but don’t need in your apartment. Moving to a place with less storage is a great way to remove clutter from your life.  Check out our different apartments and find the one with optimum storage for your needs in Elmira, NY.

New Amenities:


Living in an apartment puts you in close quarters with neighbors, which makes it easier to get to know neighbors, and allows people to spot outsiders easier. In addition, security cameras are provided throughout the building, along with secured fob access.


Decrease your monthly bills with free cable and wifi provided throughout the facilities. This can save a user over $100 a month on bills. Our facilities offer fiber Wifi and Cable to all our apartment residents in Elmira, NY

Enclosed Parking Garage:

Never have to worry about leaving for work early to clean off your car again! With an enclosed parking garage, parking is convenient and cars are shielded from the snow. Also never have to worry about finding parking on the street or shoveling your driveway. At West Water, our parking garage provides direct access to your apartment in Elmira, NY.

Convenience Factors:

Moving into an apartment in Elmira, NY offers you convince to downtown shopping, restaurants, and activities. The convenience of being centrally located is a major perk. Your days of waiting in traffic of not being able to find a place to park are over. Having the convenience of walking to downtown destinations is a great advantage of downsizing to an apartment.

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