Top 4 Reasons For Downsizing To An Apartment

You may find yourself having too much space and it’s becoming an inconvenience to upkeep. That’s why finding the right apartment in Elmira, NY with less space might actually improve your quality of life.

For many, an apartment is the right size, though deciding to downsize requires careful consideration because it’s a big lifestyle change. If you’re thinking about downsizing to an apartment in Elmira, NY, consider the following four best benefits of making the switch:

1. Less Upkeep

A major benefit for most people when downsizing from a house to an apartment is less maintenance. There are fewer indoor chores to handle with smaller surface areas to dust and sweep. There will be no outdoor maintenance as well the apartment maintenance crews will handle removing snow, landscaping and mowing the lawn. The grass will never be overgrown as we have a landscape company come in to mow and take care of the premise. We provide peace of mind making the thought of renting apartments in Elmira, NY an easy decision.

2. Make New Friends

When downsizing to an apartment in Elmira, NY you will become part of a new community where you will meet new people and try new activities. Playing cards, getting together for dinner with other residents or even just going for walks Playing a hand of cards or going for a walk with the neighbors is easy and convenient to do in an apartment compared to a isolated lifestyle in a country home.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Purchases

When living in an apartment, people have found they are less likely to make impulse purchases due to less storage space for extra items. With a smaller space you make purposeful decoration choices and only purchase what’s needed. Likewise when downsizing from a house, you can earn money by selling furniture and other items that you don’t need in your new place.   

 4. Reduce Your Monthly Bills

Generally, your rent will be cheaper than a mortgage and utilities and other financial components will be lower due to a smaller space. Our West Water Apartments in Elmira, NY are affordable and will be sure to fulfill your needs. By moving into an apartment in Elmira, NY you will be using less electricity, heat and water. This means monthly bills may be eliminated altogether. Some of your utility costs may be included in your rent, too, such as your waste management or water bill.

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