Tips For Optimizing Your New Apartment in Elmira, NY

When you think of a big cleaning, Spring is usually the time to get active and put time into making your place “brand new” again. And if you’re downsizing from a house to an apartment, these cold Winter months are the best time of the year to declutter and organize your belongings! Most of your time will be spent indoors this Winter vs Spring and Summer. These tips will get you ready to live in our West Water Apartments in Elmira, NY

What To Do With Items You Don’t Use?

First things first, take time to sort through your belongings and sort out things you don’t use. These things might have accumulated in that one closet that looks like a nightmare to go through. But starting off with the hardest decluttering task will make all other tasks for your apartment in Elmira, NY easier!

Remove any items you don't need or simply don't love anymore, and pass them along to someone who will enjoy them. This is especially true for items you may have been gifted and never used. This will really help get a head start on gifts for Christmas in 2019! If the decorative bowl with colorful flowers just isn't your style, there's no shame in re-gifting the item to friends or family. This also helps save some money! And if you can't seem to think of anyone who would find joy in your unneeded items, you can always donate them to help those in need.

Seasonal Upkeep

With Winter here it’s a great time to organize your summer items and see if there’s anything you don’t love or use as well. Spring and Summer things like beach towels, camp chairs, umbrellas can be organized and stored properly to save space. Then take your decluttering talents to the kitchen and remove any items that you won’t be using until warmer months. This will help make room for soup vs salad bowls, more space for a crockpot and other cold weather cook & kitchenware in your new apartment in Elmira, NY.

Above all, use this time to really evaluate your belongings. Does anything need to be replaced? Did any items go unused that you can consider getting rid of? There are many ways now to easily put items up for sale without having to use Ebay. Craigslist and the LetGo App make it easy to try to gain some extra cash which is always helpful. This will make your move to an apartment in Elmira, NY even easier.

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