Signs It's Time to Downsize

Thinking about downsizing to an apartment? These signs can direct you if it is time to downsize to a smaller space. Check out the tips below and see if downsizing is right for you. Our West Water Elmira apartments are a perfect place for anyone to downsize.

Unused Rooms

Spare rooms and guest bedrooms are not meant to sit and collect dust. If this is the case in your home, you should consider downsizing. Unused rooms are wasting money because you are still paying electrical and gas bills to heat and cool these rooms. They also are costing money in potential maintenance of paint and furniture. Our Elmira apartments offer a variety of different layouts, perfect to suit any layout you may desire.

Feeling Overwhelmed with Maintenance

Ensuring your home is cleaned, maintained, and paid for is a large task for anyone to take on. From vacuuming a living room to gardening and mowing the lawn, the maintenance tasks within a home are endless, and can often be very time consuming. Contracting out for these tasks can also become very expensive. If you are overwhelmed with cleaning a large space, and maintaining a home, it may be time to downsize. At our Elmira apartments, all maintenance is included, and you will never need to worry about mowing a lawn ever again. Also, an apartment is much smaller to clean than a home, and having only one level to clean is much easier.

Lifestyle Changes

When thinking about downsizing, it is important to consider lifestyle changes that may be occuring in the upcoming years of your life. Perhaps you’re considering retirement, or your kids are moving out of the house. Downsizing to an Elmira apartment can be a great way to cope with these changes. Our apartments offer convenient access to shopping, restaurants, and downtown activities. Downsizing to an apartment can also introduce you to a new community.

Saving Money

Elmira apartments can be financially beneficial in a variety of ways. Selling your home that has positive equity can make you money, especially in today’s market. Moving into an apartment can also help you save money because of all the benefits included with the price. Wifi and Cable are included, which is a huge cost saving every month. All utilities are also included in the monthly rent. You also never need to worry about purchasing appliances ever again. If looking to save money on your home, downsizing may be the answer for you.


The amenities that come with downsizing to West Water Elmira apartments are very appealing. Our apartments offer an enclosed parking garage, so you never have to worry about cleaning snow off your car again. Security cameras are present throughout the building, and access to the building is controlled by key fobs. Rooms with private balconies and views of the Chemung River are available as well. Amenities are a great reason to downsize, and are all included in monthly rent!

If you like the sounds of all this, give us a call. We would be happy to give you a tour of West Water Apartments in Elmira, NY!

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